The Best Mid Lane Heroes in Dota 2

In this top, the top five best ones in terms of the percentage of victories on a rating from 4,000 to 5,000 MMR. This rating is taken as indicative, a higher one is regarded as professional, and one that is lower is more for beginners. Keep this information in mind to succeed in dota 2 tournaments.

In the current mete, the hero on the center line is not decisive, as the statistics show. Very rarely, the outcome of the game depends on the mid lane hero. Despite the popularity of some of the characters, they are not included in the list, as they have a low average percentage of victories. This list does not include such popular mid lane heroes as Shadow Fiend, Templar Assassin, Outworld Devourer, Storm Spirit, Invoker. Some of them are strong in the current meta, but not all players have figured out what to do with them.


The old man Zeus, it would seem, has long been forgotten and not used. However, his winning percentage takes the top position in this rating, it is equal to 55%. From his merits for this meta, it can be highlighted that he fights well at the beginning of the match. His ultimate and passive do a lot of damage to enemy heroes. It can be compared to a hero like Tinker, who, even with the worst game, does a lot of damage per battle. However, using Zeus’om is much easier. Like many popular procasters today, it does not lose relevance in the late game. Another similarity with Tinker is that Zeus does not allow the enemy to go to his base, and his abilities quickly destroy a pack of creeps.


A new favorite of pubs of any rating, after its alteration, it has become very relevant in the current meta. His percentage of victories on the presented reite is 54%, by the way on the rating below 1000 MMD Necrofos wins 60% of games. This hero adds problems to any hero against whom he stands. Nekra has a magnificent health regen and manna for finished creeps and heroes. Previously, in order to receive this regen, it was necessary to pump an additional ability, but now two passives were combined into one. In short, it is much more convenient and easier to use than before.

Ember spirit

The popularity of this hero is also associated with small alteration. It is worth recalling that at a certain point, Ember stopped appearing in a pub on a high rating, it was in those days when he was going through Drum of Endurance and Phase Boots. For those who do not know, the drums were taken mainly because they gave a little intelligence and strength. The hero has a small stock of manna, and skills are very expensive, so this increase greatly helped to accelerate. When the drums began to be assembled differently, they stopped giving intelligence in such numbers, it was not profitable to collect them.


The sniper began to play with new colors when he had a talent of +20 damage per second from shrapnel. This skill itself is quite nasty, it slows down and deals a lot of damage per second. Fighting under shrapnel is almost impossible at any stage of the game. His range of attack allows you to stay away from the enemy and not to endanger his life. The sniper has always been good against heroes without escapes, who are now in the meta. In addition, he rarely lets go of the heroes because of his ultimate.

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