Interesting Things to Know About CS GO

Today, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that CS: GO has become one of the most beloved games all over the world. There are numerous CS: GO tournaments conducted annually so that passionate pro teams can demonstrate their skills. But even though there are so many pros and fans who are spending days and nights in the game and betting on, there's no way they can know every single detail about the game. If you're one of the most devoted CS: GO enthusiasts, you should find it interesting to find some more nuances of this game. Here are they:

  • Tutorials make it easier for you to find the bomb in smoke. As a Counter-Terrorist, you have to detect and defuse the bomb. But this can be a hard thing to do because the terrorist team does its best to turn it into an almost impossible mission. But, there's a little trick to be tried. If the bomb is placed in smoke, you can find it by keeping your tutorials on.
  • There are chickens in cobblestone. Have you ever played on Cobblestone? There are chickens roaming the streets, while there also used to be hens standing still. In 2012, with the release of CS: GO, hens could walk around and even give a reaction to your actions. Now, they can also be seen wearing seasonal costumes for Halloween, Easter, and some other special events.
  • CS: GO was initially developed as a port for CS: Source for consoles. Originally, the game was established as a port for CS: Source for consoles. In a matter of time, it managed to turn into one of the most famous shooters of all time.
  • You can make a profit in overpass. Most gamers dream about a place in CS: GO where they could get money easily. Well, if your gaming adventure just started, you may not know about the possibility to earn some money in Overpass. Thanks to an ATM in the TTL Bank that can be robbed, you can get make a profit.
  • Memorable graffiti as a part of the game. A very interesting fact about the game is the graffiti on the walls. In fact, there are walls marked with graffiti art. They have been created to memorialize excellent pro plays. If you are familiar with the list of the best CS: GO pros, it would make sense to check around for artwork of them.

Closing Note

It's always a good idea to learn something new about your favorite game. If you hear about at least one of the above-mentioned CS: GO facts for the first time, you should be happy. Now the gaming process will be even more engaging!