League of Legends Guide for Those Who Are New to MOBA

League of Legends is a competitive game in the MOBA genre, played by more than 100 million people every month. It is completely free to download. You can play it and bet if you just visit website. There is a system of microtransactions. However, in League of Legends, you always know what you are paying for. Content that can be purchased for money is cosmetic and does not directly affect the gameplay of the game. Like any other MOBA, League of Legends is a team game where you and your opponents choose a champion at the beginning of a match to play for. With the release of the new champion Ivern, there are 133 champions in the game, which makes literally every match unique.

On average, the match in the League of Legends lasts 30-35 minutes, but you can win in 20 minutes or in a difficult battle that lasts more than an hour. The game of average duration is divided into three phases: leynfaza (when players are on their lines), midgame (when players start to leave their lines and play all over the map) and leytheim, when champions have already full slots of objects, and death timers are unforgivably long.

System of Runes and Talents

You should check experts tips to achieve success! Let's get started! So, in League of Legends, there is a system of runes and talents that allows you to customize some of your champions' scores, but not too much. First, you will be available two pages of runes, the next page will be available if you buy it using the in-game currency. Each page allows you to embed certain runes that are also purchased for in-game currency. What kind of runes to buy and insert into a specific page? - It is worth looking at the guides on the champions to know which runes are most useful on a certain champion.

Talent pages work much the same way, but they also allow you to get unique effects. For example, one of the talents allows you to receive 1 gold coin from a dying number of minions, even if you did not kill them yourself. This is a talent that is taken on all of the support, because, unlike other roles, they are not involved in the farm minion. Unlike runes, you will receive talents along with the general level of your account. The maximum level is 30, and once you reach it, you can forget about it, since all talents will be available to you and you can freely create pages with them.

Each match begins with the creation of a lobby, where you can also invite your friends. Up to a certain account level, you will not be able to play the so-called draft pick. You will be available to play in normal mode in a blind peak, where you can not see the champions of the enemy up to the boot screen. The draft peak is very different from the blind peak. Before choosing champions, there will be a ban-phase (three bans on each side), and then an alternate peak of champions, where you can choose your champion depending on the opponents already selected on the side. In other words, this is the stage where you can already beat the enemy.

Follow this guide and enjoy a number of great opportunities LoL can provide you with!